"An initiative of Kentucky Teleworks, Inc."

About Us


Teleworks USA’s jobseeker services bring cutting-edge telework (work-from-home) employment opportunities to workers, especially those in rural areas and small towns, allowing them to participate in the global economy without relocating. Teleworks USA’s employer services present eager job candidates to telework employers in a format that lets employers search and sort the applicants by skills, certifications, education, and experience. As a result, Teleworks USA brings well-matched workers and employers together — and everybody benefits.


Teleworks USA was launched to help diversify the local economies of underdeveloped rural areas and small towns by bringing them high-demand, high-growth telework jobs. Based in eastern Kentucky, Teleworks USA also recruits and prepares eastern Kentucky workers to compete successfully for those jobs. Teleworks USA makes it possible for people to have rewarding careers without leaving their communities.