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Kentucky has positioned itself to be a leader in telework industry. Over the years, the state has invested more than $900 million in its digital infrastructure, including broadband expansion and development.  A 2008 study by ConnectKentucky said the state had “distanced itself from the rest of the country” when it comes to broadband expansion and availability. Because of this investment, Kentucky stands on the right side of the digital divide and continues to set the pace in broadband expansion.

The results are staggering:

• Over $860 million in private capital has been invested in Kentucky telecommunications.

• Approximately 1.3 million additional Kentuckians have gained broadband access.

• Broadband subscription has increased 100%.

• Broadband availability has increased from 60% to 95%.

• Broadband availability has grown by 58%.

• Home computer ownership has grown by 24%.

• Over 19,000 jobs have been created

— Source: 2008 Progress Report, ConnectKentucky


A World-Class Workforce

TeleworksUSA believes that our state’s greatest resource is our people. Our state not only offers a world-class workforce, but also a proactive workforce development system that links the business community to a variety of services and training partners, including the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, public and private universities, and proprietary schools.

We believe emerging advances in technology and rising fuel costs will lead more and more businesses to adopt the “remote workforce” approach in order to succeed in the 21st century.

If you’re an employer, you owe it to your business, your bottom line, and your employees to let TeleworksUSA link you with the state’s vast and talented workforce.

How Can TeleworksUSA Work for Your Company?

As part of Kentucky’s workforce development system, Teleworks USA offers a variety of benefits to employers who want to tap into a world-class workforce.

Your investment in Kentucky’s workforce will be backed up by a progressive and proactive workforce development system that will ensure your workers receive adequate training, workplace preparation, and other assistance to maximize the return on your investment. These services will help your remote workforce be as productive as possible, helping you to remain profitable and competitive in your specific market.

Our workforce system can provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • Recruiting potential employees.
  • Screening applicants.
  • Work-readiness training.
  • Skills training in partnership with local educational institutions.
  • Other assistance.

Training — Because TeleworksUSA understands the concept of telework and the skills and traits that are associated with successful teleworkers, we can help employers find and hire quality teleworkers.

As a part of Kentucky’s workforce development system, we are uniquely positioned to help employers identify required trainings, locate training providers and resources, and arrange for the delivery of training — sometimes even including finding assistance with the costs of training new workers.

Educational Partnerships —  TeleworksUSA parent organization — the Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, (EKCEP), Inc. — works closely and continuously in partnership with the Kentucky’s Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) to develop and provide skills training, continuing education, and industry-specific credentialing programs to job seekers in eastern Kentucky. EKCEP also partners with the region’s public and private universities and proprietary training providers to provide these training opportunities.

In some special circumstances, Teleworks USA may be able to assist an employer in arranging for the workforce development system to help with the cost of on-the-job training for new telework employees.