Teleworks USA actively seeks new partnerships with telework employers to develop new employment opportunities for Eastern Kentucky’s adaptable and skilled workforce. According to a 2016 study of the region’s labor force, more than 10,000 people in Eastern Kentucky are looking for new jobs, meaning the region can provide employment opportunities with a vast potential for new workers.

Teleworks USA’s employer services can help companies fill their teleworking needs, whether those needs include customer service, platform support, and even more technical requirements such as computer programming. Teleworks USA has a proven record of working with telework employers to quickly meet their workforce needs.

Each of Teleworks USA’s seven Hubs includes the space and necessary equipment for telework job fairs and hiring events that provide access to a large number of applicants. These events can be held virtually through an online portal, though Teleworks USA also works with companies to set up in-person interviews for on-the-spot hires. Teleworks USA also provides customizable workshops for prospective teleworkers to help prepare them for new jobs. These workshops include 72 hours of instruction resulting in multiple industry-recognized certifications. Our curriculum can also be customized to meet company-specific standards, and Teleworks USA can partner with a regional network of community colleges if higher skilled training is required.

If you’re telework employer, we want to partner with you. Contact us today to learn how Teleworks USA can be the solution to your hiring needs!

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