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Teleworks USA Digital Career Center

The Teleworks USA Digital Career Center opened in September 2019 on the Manchester Campus of Eastern Kentucky University. The center provides a full compliment of computer terminals and everything needed to complete Teleworks USA's customer service and technical support workshops. The center commenced in collaboration with Eastern Kentucky University, the first such partnership between Teleworks USA and one of Kentucky's four-year state universities.

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Digital Career Center

Manchester, Ky.

The Teleworks USA Digital Career Center is located on the Manchester Campus of Eastern Kentucky University and can accomodate up to 13 people at a time for customizable distance learning workshops featuring 72 hours of customer service and digital literacy coursework designed to prepare prospective teleworkers for jobs with a variety of employers. 

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Digital Career Center

Manchester Native Melody Collins Credits Teleworks Career with Saving Home, Livelihood

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Clay Countian Melody Collins has never felt more appreciative of her job than she has this year. After suffering a...


Teleworks USA provides free workshops designed to upskill prospective teleworkers and prepare them for a variety of teleworking jobs. And best of all, workshop curriculum is completely customizable based on employer needs. Our workshops provide up to 72 hours of instruction on topics including digital literacy, customer service, and tech support, but can be updated with company-specific instruction so applicants can hit the ground running once they begin their new jobs. If you’re an employer, we can partner with you to help meet your workforce needs.

Teleworks USA’s workshops provide the opportunity to earn multiple industry-recognized certifications, including the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) and the National Retail Federation (NRF) Certificate.

Seventy-two hours of online instruction in customer service, digital literacy, and tech support, including workshops on XBox gaming platforms and digital cable and satellite boxes.

A manager will be available onsite to facilitate each workshop, which can accommodate between six to 12 participants.

Meet our Team

Amy Nunn

Amy Nunn / Teleworks USA Digital Career Center Manager

An alumnus of Eastern Kentucky University, Amy Nunn has worked in accounting and supervisory roles for more than 20 years at multiple companies including gallerize.com, Churchill Weavers, and TDEC, the latter as a supervisor over a team of 30. She began her position as outreach manager with Teleworks USA in 2018, placing 116 people in work-from-home jobs through 2019 before moving into her role as manager at the Teleworks USA Digital Career Center in Manchester, Ky.

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