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Teleworks USA provides free workshops designed to upskill prospective teleworkers and prepare them for a variety of teleworking jobs. And best of all, workshop curriculum is completely customizable based on employer needs. Our workshops provide up to 72 hours of instruction on topics including digital literacy, customer service, and tech support, but can be updated with company-specific instruction so applicants can hit the ground running once they begin their new jobs. If you’re an employer, we can partner with you to help meet your workforce needs.

Teleworks USA Helps Owsley Countian Sarah Fox Advance into Promising Career

Teleworks USA Helps Owsley Countian Sarah Fox Advance into Promising Career

While Owsley Countian Sarah Fox may not be a stranger to work in the telecommunications field, she’s thankful she decided to take a chance and see how Teleworks USA could help her and her family.

After working at Sykes Enterprises for nearly a year, Fox said it was obvious she’d have to make her own moves to get to where she wanted to be with her career.