Friday, July 28, 2017

KellyConnect Offers Jobs to 169 Eastern Kentuckians Following Two-Day Teleworks USA Hiring Event in Annville, Hazard

Global telework corporation KellyConnect offered an unprecedented number of Eastern Kentuckians new telework jobs in the digital economy following a two-day hiring event hosted by Teleworks USA.

Hiring offers were officially extended to 169 of 208—or about 81 percent—of the applicants who interviewed with KellyConnect’s corporate human resources staff who were on site at the event, held May 8 and 9 at Teleworks USA’s Teleworks Hubs in Annville and Hazard.

Headquartered in Michigan, KellyConnect is a global leader in providing workforce solutions to multiple well-known companies. The company employs approximately 3,000 teleworkers throughout the United States.

Of those interviewed at Teleworks USA’s Teleworks Hubs in Annville and Hazard, 169 people have received job offers for work-from-home positions including customer service and technical support, according to Melissa Turansky, PHRI director for KellyConnect’s outsourcing and consulting group. Those offered positions now only need to complete the final phases of the hiring process to become employees and start working.

Paid training with the company can begin as early as May 22, said Turansky, who participated in the interviews in Annville and Hazard along with three other corporate staffing professionals. She described the event as “a huge success.”

“The candidates were set up for success,” said Turansky. “They were prepared coming in, they had résumés, and had questions to ask. They knew what to expect when they came in, which was really helpful, so kudos to Teleworks USA.”

An initiative of the Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. (EKCEP), Teleworks USA identifies and develops legitimate remote-work, distance earning opportunities, and helps people prepare for and land these jobs. Teleworks USA also partners with national and global companies such as KellyConnect to host job fairs and hiring events.

Turansky added that the company typically does not meet face-to-face with applicants before they are hired, and this was the first time KellyConnect had participated in a hiring event or job fair of this scale. Further, she added that the event’s 169 job offers eclipse numbers from the few other on-site events the company has held in other states to recruit teleworkers following business closures.

“It was eye opening to actually meet with people as opposed to having a telephone conversation,” she said. “It was a great experience for us.”

Teleworks USA Operations Manager Betty Hays said the positions people applied for with KellyConnect pay higher on average than many similar customer service or technical support positions. Paid training will start between $12-$14, with an increase to $13-$15 during regular employment and a $500 signing bonus after 90 days. Those hired in advisor positions can earn up to $17 per hour.

“We were very excited when this opportunity with KellyConnect came along, because these are great wages,” Hays said. “And when you consider that these are work-from-home positions and the money these people will save by not having a daily commute or having to buy lunch every day, it really adds up over time.”

As EKCEP’s director of agency expansion, Michael Cornett oversees Teleworks USA’s development. He said the number of people offered jobs during the events in Annville and Hazard is unprecedented for a Teleworks USA event, but is also indicative of the initiative’s ongoing work to prepare job candidates for telework employment. More importantly, it is a testament to the high quality and adaptability of Eastern Kentucky’s workforce.

“The amount of interest shown in this opportunity with KellyConnect, coupled with the quality of the teleworkers we’ve seen here and in Annville and Hazard, proves that the workforce of Eastern Kentucky is willing and more than able to do what anyone from any other community in the nation can and is already doing to work in the digital economy,” Cornett said.

Further—provided that all of the KellyConnect applicants who receive job offers pass all forthcoming background and teleworking checks by the company—169 newly minted KellyConnect employees could equal an approximate total of $5.1 million in new annual wages paid to these teleworkers that is subsequently injected into local economies across Eastern Kentucky.

“That’s a trend we hope to continue and expand upon with KellyConnect,” Cornett said. “Their satisfaction in our region’s workers, even after just a two-day event with us, seems to indicate that this is the start of a very successful partnership with Teleworks USA and the region itself,” Cornett said.

Excluding the new telework hires with KellyConnect, Teleworks USA has already helped bring nearly 750 jobs to Eastern Kentucky since January 2015 to the present through the initiative’s network of Teleworks Hubs, which includes facilities in Annville, Beattyville, Booneville, Harlan, Hazard, and Pike County. A seventh Hub in Leslie County is set to open in late May 2017. With an average salary of $20,000 per year, these existing jobs have generated an estimated economic impact of nearly $15 million in new wages.

If you were unable to attend either of the job fairs but still interested in teleworking, contact Teleworks USA via Facebook at, or log on to, where you can open a free account and begin the search for a new job immediately.

EKCEP, a nonprofit workforce development agency headquartered in Hazard, Ky., serves the citizens of 23 Appalachian coalfield counties. The agency provides an array of workforce development services, administers the Hiring Our Miners Everyday (H.O.M.E.) program for dislocated coal miners and their spouses, and is the White House-designated lead organization for the federal TechHire designation for Eastern Kentucky. Learn more about us at http://www.ekcep.org and


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