Friday, March 13, 2020


Due to safety recommendations from Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear and state and federal public health officials in light of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic, Teleworks USA has made the decision to temporarily transition to an all-virtual/remote model of service and pause on-site activities at all Teleworks USA Hubs to prevent possible exposure and community spread of the illness.

Although Teleworks USA Hub Managers will be working remotely outside of our Hubs, each Hub Manager will continue to assist jobseekers with all public services such as telework job inquiries, job applications, job fairs, and hiring events through a virtual setting until further notice through a combination of phone and email contacts, and videoconference and virtual platforms.

Contact information for all Teleworks Hub Managers will be shared through all of our social media channels, online, and will be posted prominently at each Teleworks Hub at all points of entry. We encourage all clients to contact our Hub Managers as usual through these alternative means, and they will be happy to provide all essential services through remote contact and our virtual training platforms. 

The situation with the COVID-19 novel coronavirus is changing daily and very rapidly. Allowing scheduled visits or unscheduled walk-ins from the public at our Teleworks Hubs does not appear to be the best option at this time, and is not in the best interest of our staff, teleworkers in our Hubs, or other walk-in clients. We greatly value the health and wellbeing of our region’s citizens – and our great team of managers and their families – and that is the prime factor in our decision on how we are dealing with the most widespread national public health crisis in recent memory.

It is our most sincere hope that with all of the statewide efforts currently taking place centered on prevention, this situation subsides quickly. And while we realize these measures are a disruption of our typical course of service at our Hubs, it is critical that we take measures now to help “flatten the curve” in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 novel coronavirus per the recommendations of Centers of Disease Control (CDC) experts. 

We will continue to monitor the state’s official health information at and adhere to all posted CDC guidelines whether at our Teleworks Hubs or elsewhere. We encourage everyone to do the same. 

In times like these, we are reminded of the continued benefits of telework, and how important our efforts in the region are toward helping citizens and communities connect to digital economy work opportunities that can be done remotely. We greatly appreciate your continued support of Teleworks USA and our staff as we continue to connect jobseekers to job opportunities in the digital economy, and we look forward to continuing to serve all of you both now and in the future. 


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